e – Commerce: Difference Between Niche and Target Marketing


No matter where you explore, most e-commerce consultants will tell you to have a niche when it comes to marketing your website. While this is true, it is also equally important to discover your passion and learn the difference between niche for profit and target marketing. If you notice, your website may have been up there for a long period of time without even monetizing its existence. Don’t put your work to waste, let it be known and capitalize on its longevity of existence. In order to monetize on your blog, you have to remember two things, niche for profit and target marketing.

Technically, they both fall under niche marketing with very different dimension.

Niche for profit allows you to promote, market or extend a specific product / service to targeted clients worldwide. This type of marketing tends to be a lot easier because you will be working on something you love. You write, you promote and you try to sell something that is very familiar to you. Having a personal niche can also lead to customers seeking you for a specific product / service. It is basically in the WHAT side, combined with WHO.

Example of Niche Marketing:

Product Reviews – Product review websites have been one of the most successful niche sites worldwide. Whether its services or products, they tend to earn money promoting products on their websites.

Retail – The world of retail is one of the biggest influence in the breakthrough image of e-commerce. Retails stores have contributed over millions online and has been one of the most sought online stores to this day. They have become the haven of clients who can’t seem to find their items anywhere else. Some specialty stores offer services to find a specific product for a client that you can’t find in any department store.

Professional Services – professional services include, accounting, legal, medical, fitness etc.. In a more specified service, these professionals create a niche that exclusively offers a specific topic in their profession such as taxation, debt collection, knee therapy, yoga etc..

Consultants – Online consultants have gain their recognition online because of their adaptation of niche marketing, offering specific advice to people in a particular area of expertise.

Education – providers of online tutoring for a specific subject for anyone who needs the service.

Target market – (WHO) on the other hand relies on a specific group of people where the business you’re tying to sell is directly intended for them. In short, it is the client you’re directly aiming at for various product or services.

Example of Target Market:

  • Parents and Children
  • Women over 30
  • Men over 20
  • Teenagers
  • Dog Lovers
  • Single Parent etc…

The preferences of these two relies on very different details yet similar purpose. To market, sell and convince.


Let’s Owe It To Writing: How To Keep It Alive


I have been writing for years, and I have to say, it has helped me gain financial freedom when I needed it, nevertheless, it was never a permanent thing. But that is not why I’m writing this, I’m writing this to share with you my experience as a freelance writer, what I’ve been through, and the adjustments I had to go through to make it work. Writing is my passion, but that doesn’t mean I yearn for it every time. In fact, I go through months not writing anything, not even wanting to see what’s in store or what’s the next project would be. During those times, I feel like I’m a “Nomad Writer”. Yes, i do question myself, countless nights I imagine myself finishing a book when I haven’t even touch what I started for months. But when I do, and when I am in my small world, writing, imagining, being one with it – I am powerless to control my imagination’s magical side, and that’s when I become creative, productive and fulfilled. At the end of the day, I made money, but my mind is still restless, restless because my writing flair didn’t have a Home. I wake up the next day with a complete different topic to write, and I idle myself trying to wait for that momentum to write again.

Maybe, just maybe If I had a niche, I wouldn’t struggle as much as I do now with what i really want to do. Maybe, Just maybe, in between writing works, I wouldn’t have to idle myself, instead, I’m riding the tides of my writing my passion telling stories about what I love. So what did I do to make things work? Not much.. some few realizations on the side and a willingness to listen to what my mind is telling me.

  • Discover your Niche – Don’t go find it, if you do, you will find several topics that you think might be your niche and it doesn’t, and you have to end up starting big and finishing small. Yes, it is important to have a niche, but it is through discovery that you can truly commit yourself to what your passion is.
  • Don’t lose your Enthusiasm – I fail on this every time, you know why? Because I don’t do something to keep the interest alive. If you don’t feel like writing, read something that will inspire you to stay inspired. In my case, I hop through series of blogs and websites that are inspiring, creative, inviting and convincing. Sometimes, I just browse through the net and trip on something interesting and I stay there for as long as I want to.
  • Do Other Things – Aside from maintaining my blogs, (which i rarely do lately), i still work on writing articles for the internet, and get paid for that. It may not be hefty, but you get paid. It also helped me expand my knowledge in writing and an opportunity to work with others instead of just myself. If you are a hobbyist, work on your hobby in between writing, it refreshes your mind and jumpstarts your next topic.
  • Write Because You Want To – Write because you want to, and not because you’re getting paid. It might sound a cliche, but trust me, I have, in the past turned down some good paying writing offers because of my lack of interest on the topic. A writer knows that “interest” plays a great role of a good write up.
  • Create your Own Space – Strive to create a physical space for your writing time. In my case, and when I’m at home, the dining area is where I’m most comfortable to work. Even in the presence of a computer table and an air conditioned room, I still prefer to work downstairs, specifically the dining area.
  • Write when you have no other commitments – you are most productive when you know you have no other commitments during the day, and you can be in front of your computer the whole day. No stress, no cramming.

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you. – Maya Angelou

5 Tips that can help you declutter your home


I’m a hoarder, but not the extreme type of hoarder. Trust me, I have friends and I know other people who pretty much hoard unbeknownst to them and that’s ok because I personally think they have a good reason to do that. I have to admit even after I promised myself not to keep the things I really don’t need, occasionally I still see some clothes in the closet from years back that I.JUST.CAN’T.LET.GO


Knowing that, here are 5 tips that helped me declutter our home.

  • Take a good look at what’s inside your home. The one time I really committed myself on the cleaning my bedroom, I saw these boxes of (I don’t even remember what’s in them) and thought, if I could just get rid of those, I’ll have more space in the bedroom.
  • The wall mounted cabinets in our kitchen was practically filled with cutlery and other kitchen utensils that are gifts to us the past years. Open them and see what you can actually use, sell the others online (don’t feel bad) if you honestly can’t use it at home, you can sell it and at least make profit out of it.
  • I know a friend who purchased a mountain bike from a junk shop and restored it for his family to enjoy on weekend trips. My point is, if you don’t have plans of restoring that old bike in your garage, at least sell it, you’ll be surprised at how many people are interested in restoring such thing.
  • Books.. Files… Utility bills… Buy a cheap filing cabinet and spend at least half the day sorting everything i their proper folder so the next time you need to check on your bills, you will not have a hard time finding them at piles and piles of paper. It’s also a good start to continue filing and organizing all your papers. If you’re not sure where to put such paper notice, create a temporary “miscellaneous file” to put them into.
  • Realize you can’t possibly do everything in a day. I suggest you spend a day during the weekend and make sure to totally finish one task before jumping to another. This way, you’ll be able to see progress in your work.

Frozen: A Box Office Milestone but What was your favorite scene?


Is it awkward that for the last few weeks the only song that comes to my head is.. “do you want to build a snowman?” Definitely not! Not when you laugh at a little girls quite persistent nature, when she peeks under the door to make you go out and play and definitely not when she’s trying to make her invitation pass a small keyhole. Also because when an animated movie claims rank and earns billion on box office, you’ll know it’s more than your typical cartoon movie.

Theaters in the US went frenzy at the released of Disney’s 3D animated movie Frozen this year. Not long after, it claimed one of the highest grossing animated films in history earning over a billion-dollar, a little over the one that Toy Story 3 claimed in 2010.

Frozen a top grossing animated film gained 398.4 million dollars in the US and 674 million dollars internationally totaling a huge 1.072 billion dollars in earnings, a little past Toy Story 3 earning 1.063 billion dollars in 2010. Its international release record gave Disney / Pixar their biggest profit on animated films in record history.

Megan Young commemorative stamps


The reigning Miss World Megan Lynne Young is commemorated with a special and limited edition postage stamp by PhilPost (Philippine Postal Corp.). She is the first Filipina beauty queen to claim the coveted Miss World crown held in Bali, Indonesia on September 2013.

The collectible postage stamps were presented to the public on March 25, 2014 with denominations of P30.00 and P40.00 with a total quantity of 80,000 pieces. The sale of these commemorative stamps will end on February 23, 2015 or until supplies last. A souvenir sheet of 7,000 pieces is also available for P100.00 a piece. For more information on where you can buy this, please check the PhilPost website.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


The photo challenge was well… indeed a challenge on my part as I didn’t have anything – not in my camera or cellphone that fell under the category. However, my insistent nature scanned through a bit more just to see if maybe.. just maybe I’ll find a photo that may somehow fit in and so here it goes… Inside.. the fridge 😀


Baby Massage


Don’t you just love babies and their teeny tiny chubby bodies? Over the years, I have experienced cuddling babies from all walks of life and really, you cannot possibly compare the sweet feeling of having them sleep under your care. How much more for moms who stays beside them all the time? Who experience first hand the baby’s tricks and tantrums? But did you know there’s another way to increase the connection between you and baby? Massaging your baby helps build the bond between the two of you. It also serves as a security on the part of the baby knowing your touch will protect her. A mother’s touch is known to heal and that developing an attachment between you and the baby through baby massage is a good way to start it.

IMG_0359[1]How to massage a baby:

Undress the baby and lay her down in a comfortable bedding. Play with her for a bit to help her relax.

Make sure that the room temperature is not cold for the baby. Leave a warm covering for the baby if it’s colder than intended.

Apply baby oil on both your hands and rub them together to make it warm and gently massage your baby from head, shoulders, stomach, legs and finally the feet.

If the baby wants to turn while being massaged, let her turn around. Do not force her to stay on one position just so you can finish massaging her.

Benefits of baby massage:

It improves the baby’s skin texture: By carefully massaging the baby’s body with baby oil, you’re not only moisturizing it but you’re helping her develop a good skin texture.

It improves her digestive system

It strengthens their immune system and prevents respiratory illness.

It helps calm the baby with less tantrums and irritability.